"A Perfect Day"  Oil on Linen

"A Perfect Day"  Oil on Linen

Painting en Plein Air June 3-9 Ghost Ranch FAQ

Join me for a week of painting at beautiful Ghost Ranch!  Here are answers to questions you might have.

Q:  What kind of medium can I bring?

A:  Anything you like!  I am versed in many mediums.

Q:  What will our schedule look like?

A:  The class meets from 9 am-Noon and 6:45 pm- Sunset M-F.  You will have afternoons free to paint on your own or explore the many offerings of Northern New Mexico.

Q:  Will we be painting solely on Ghost Ranch?

A:  Although we could because there is so much to paint, we will be taking two off campus field trips by Ranch vans.  Dates to be determined.  

Q:  Will I need my own easel?

A:  Most likely.  Winsor and Newton makes a very lightweight easel that packs into a suitcase.