"Sonoran Morn"
"High Desert Drama"
"In the Mood"
"Chama River Changes"
"Feels Like Spring"
"Swamp Song"
"Autumn Tango"
"The Rio Grande:  Pretty in Pink"
"Prairie Meets Farmland"
"Escape Route"
"Spring Thaw in the Rockies"
"Super Moon Glow"  12" x 24"
"Majesty at Barking Rocks"  Pastel on Board
"A Zion Memory"
"Ancient Echoes"
"Springtime at the Bungalow"
"Super Moon Memory"
"Barges on the Seine"
"Summer Silo"
"Hilltop Vista"
"Misty Morning"   SOLD
"Carmine Sunrise"  Pastel on Board     SOLD
"Dragonfly's Delight" SOLD
"Baywatch" SOLD
"Captivating"       SOLD
"Going Green" SOLD
"Sprinkler System" SOLD
"Windblown"  SOLD
"Chamisa Everywhere"  SOLD
"Spring Standout" SOLD
"Hidden Gold"   SOLD
"Tuscan Breeze"   SOLD
"The Land Awakens"  SOLD
"All Rows Lead To Rome"  SOLD
"Toft o" the Morning to Ya!"  SOLD
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